Blak Forest – You Are Now Entering The… (20th Anniversary Edition)



Blak Forest – You Are Now Entering The… (20th Anniversary Edition) zip, mp3 download


Name: Blak Forest – You Are Now Entering The… (20th Anniversary Edition)
Genre: Rap | Hip-Hop
Year: 2017
Label: Beat Freq Records
Group Members: LMNO, Hakim tha Wize, Circle of Power (Mone, Wiz1, Jess Luv), Urbanites (Shaydie 3rd Degree, Kaboom, DJ ICD), Kamikaze (Flamn & Chief), Landmines (Self Educated & Fraze), Foot Soljaaz (Zig E.S.P. & Otherwize), Helrazor, Sleeze 1
Producers: Circle Of Power, DJ ICD, DJ Rhettmatic
Format: mp3 | 320 kbps
Duration: 01:25:33
Size: 196 Mb
Description: Studio Album!
[01:52] 01. You Are Now Entering the Blak Forest feat. Shaydie 3rd Degree
[04:35] 02. The Fourth Quarter feat. Circle Of Power & Landmines
[02:18] 03. Never Before feat. LMNO
[03:46] 04. Mental Status feat. Urbanites
[04:53] 05. Hoes to Doe feat. Foot Soljaaz
[04:20] 06. Battlecry feat. Hakim tha Wize & Urbanites
[04:53] 07. Throw ‘Em in the Sun feat. Sleeze 1
[05:03] 08. Game of Def feat. Kamikaze & Urbanites
[03:28] 09. Don’t Drink the Water feat. Hakim tha Wize
[03:18] 10. Fly Lines (Alternate Version) feat. Helrazor
[05:17] 11. Mainframe feat. Circle Of Power & Shaydie 3rd Degree
[04:01] 12. Just Wanna Be a Star feat. Kamikaze
[03:49] 13. Approach with Discretion (DJ Rhettmatic BF20 Remix) feat. Landmines
[03:48] 14. 4est Green (Circle of Power ’97 Remix) feat. Hakim tha Wize & Urbanites
[04:34] 15. Church Girl feat. LMNO, Otherwize & Shaydie 3rd Degree
[03:53] 16. Get da Paper feat. Circle Of Power
[04:29] 17. Dedicated MC’s feat. Sleeze 1
[03:34] 18. Predictable Contradictions feat. Shaydie 3rd Degree & LMNO
[09:06] 19. Street Legal (Treehouse Pt. II) (Alternate Version)
[04:28] 20. Superfest feat. Foot Soljaaz, Flamn, Shaydie 3rd Degree, Self Educated & Big Tito


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