ZIP ALBUM: Fucked Up – Dose Your Dreams Mp3 Torrent



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ZIP ALBUM: Fucked Up – Dose Your Dreams Mp3 Torrent

What, exactly, is so fucked up about Fucked Up? Is it the band name? Sure, if you’re trying to write a piece on the band for NPR and you can’t even use their f***ing name. Is it Damian Abraham’s voice? Maybe, if the phrase “titanic, earth-shattering roar” fills you with dread. Is it the music? Well, that depends on what version of Fucked Up you’re talking about. Is it the furious hardcore insurgents railing against cops and scummy politicians on their early 7-inch releases? The prog-punk conceptualists of 2011’s epic rock opera David Comes To Life? The contemplative punk historians in classic-rock drag on 2014’s Glass Boys? The psychedelic drone experimentalists of last year’s Year Of The Snake? Or maybe it’s the band that made the new double-album opus Dose Your Dreams, out this Friday on Merge?


DOWNLOAD ZIP ALBUM: Fucked Up – Dose Your Dreams Mp3 Torrent


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