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11 Things Women Wish Men Knew About Sex

February 16, 2020

It’s no new news that men and women approach bedroom activities differently, but there are a few specific things that women wish their male partner knew when it comes to bedroom activities.

Fellas, take notes.

You’re not going to break us — in fact, rough might be just the way we like it. So yes, you can tug my hair, smack my ass, and thrust me against the wall. It’s hot so go for it.

Stereotypes would suggest that women are huge fans of pillow talk and cuddling and that men are the ones who crave sleep and food immediately following an orgasm. But the truth is, sometimes we just want to roll over to our side of the bed and pass the eff out.

I’m a huge fan of giving oral sex. I know men are oftentimes the ones who are vocal about how they won’t go down on a woman if she “smells funny” or “tastes weird,” yet women are expected to be enthusiastic about giving blowjobs regardless of the circumstances. Make our ‘job’ easier and make sure you’ve taken a shower recently. We also appreciate a good man-scape.

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You don’t need to mimic a jackhammer while fingering her. In fact, after a while it begins to feel almost nauseating so ease your way into it and don’t stop the foreplay until she says so. Oh and another thing, don’t keep rubbing her clit after she’s already climaxed because that ish does not feel good.

Take super-hard finger-banging, standing sex, and shower sex for examples; however, every woman is different so just ask her what feels best.

In fact, if that’s how you see it, then your previous sexual encounters may have faked it more than you realize. Fun fact: women only come on command in porn.

There’s a lot of things that women want during their time of the month, but sex isn’t often on the list. Sometimes we’d rather you just say nice things about our face while we soak in a warm bath with a mound of chocolate and a glass of wine.


Don’t be afraid to express your fantasies to her. The worst thing that happens is she says no and you go on to try something else.

I know it makes you feel like a real manly man to go that deep, but it really kinda hurts and can oftentimes kill the mood. So be easy and check in. Vaginas only go 6 inches deep.

Any woman will be happy to direct you to Her Spot.

As Plato once said, “It’s not over till the woman has a full-body spasmodic orgasm.” Anyways, just know it isn’t over just because the man comes.

So you see it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure sex with a woman out, but there are certain things that can make intimacy easier to navigate. Put these notes to practice and I promise she will have very little to complain about. Happy sexing!

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