Korede Bello Schools Fan After Being Mocked For Using An Android

June 18, 2020

Mavin singer, Korede Bello had a few words for a Twitter user who mocked him for using an Andriod phone. 

The conversation started when a Twitter user had expressed shock that the singer is still using an Andriod phone, unlike his colleagues who are proud users of iPhones. Korede responded saying those that use Andriod phones are also human beings and advised him to be proud of whatever he worked for with dignity. “so Android users no be human beings ?! Flex whatever you have youngins. No pressurE, I concur. Be proud of what you worked for with dignity. E get whY”

Korede further advised that life gets easier once one chooses the right role models that live simple lives. “e no easy bro. But it’s easier when you choose role models that live simple liveS”


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